Karis Place is LEED Gold Certified

Karis Place, 2013 June 14

CaGBC have announced that Karis Place is officially awarded LEED Canada NC 1.0 Gold Certification on 2013 June 14th.

Karis Place achieved 47 points, only five points below LEED Platinum. Karis Place also won a 2012 SAB Award.

Recollective subcontracted Blue Camas to be the Primary LEED Consultant and IDP Facilitator for Karis Place.

Karis Place is another project for which BC Housing supported LEED Measurement and Verification. Blue Camas was pleased to assist Stantec with M&V Planning. The M&V Plan metering, measuring and recording have already proven their worth – helping to identify and correct issues with overuse of hot water and the need to explain building systems for effective use by residents.

Published by Blue Camas

LEED Coordinator, IDP Facilitator, Building Sustainability Consultant