Station Street Community


Blue Camas : Sustainability Facilitator and Primary LEED Consultant
PHS Community Services Society,  City of Vancouver / Province of British Columbia,
Neale Staniszkis Doll Adams Architects, MMM Group, Fast + Epp , Eckford and Associates,
GeoPacific Consultants, Stantec Consulting, Darwin Construction, Recollective, E3Ecogroup.


Project Description:

Station Street Community is a partnership between the non-profit operator, PHS Community Services Society, the City of Vancouver, and BC Housing, a provincial crown agency. The facility will provide 80 self-contained 325 sq.ft. studio apartments for people who are homeless, or at risk of homelessness due to their physical and/or mental health, behaviour, substance dependencies, and/or forensic history.

The development is a 41,172 sq.ft. (3,825 sq.metre) six-storey building located at 1005 Station Street in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, between Main Street and Station Street, south of Prior Street and north of National Street. The ground floor has a commercial kitchen and amenity spaces for the residents along it’s eastern Station Street frontage, and unfinished Leased Tenant Spaces for commercial / retail use fronting Main Street to the west. This commercial space makes up 4,108 sq. ft. (382 sq.metres) of the project, or 9.98% of the total project area. There will be one level of underground parking.

11 02 21 EntryThe building is constructed of durable materials incorporating brick, metal composite panel, metal frame windows and glass. To reduce energy loss the concrete and steel stud structure is super insulated from the exterior elements.

In addition to a commitment to social sustainability, the project is dedicated to achieving a significant level of environmental sustainability. Certified as LEED Gold in June 2012 by the Canada Green Building Council, Station Street’s energy consumption has been extensively modelled and studied in order to select the most appropriate energy use reduction as well as reduced carbon footprint.

The project was completed on December 7, 2010.

High Performance Building Features:


1005 Station Street is designed to use over 44% less energy than an equivalent Model National Energy Code baseline building.
 Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) serves Ventilation, Domestic Hot Water (DHW) pre-heating, and space heating for Amenity and Retail spaces on main floor. Heating Coefficient of Performance (COP) is 3.23, Cooling COP is 4.73, meaning that over three times as much cooling is generated as energy is consumed, and over four times as much heating as energy consumed.
 Natural Gas fired DHW tanks have 94% thermal efficiency. Total Natural Gas use is reduced to 41% of that of a comparable building.
 Electric lighting power use is reduced to 89% of a comparable building with standard lighting. Electric baseboard heating power use is reduced to 58% of a comparable industry standard building.
 Metering has been installed and a comprehensive measurement and verification process established to monitor building systems for more than a year after occupancy. Systems actual performance will be measured and compared to energy modelled predictions and
operational performance will be optimized.

Water Efficiency

Low water use toilets, faucets and shower-heads were installed and water use has been reduced to 46% below standard fixtures.


Central Heat Recovery Ventilation unit provides high quality air filtration (MERV 13 filters) high level of air changes (1.0 air change per hour) with energy efficiency of built in heat recovery ventilator.

Indoor Air Quality

Volatile Organic Compounds and other sources of indoor pollution are minimized by use of low emitting paints, adhesives and sealants, carpet, doors, cabinetry and millwork.

Natural Lighting

11 05 11 Suite

94% of regularly occupied building spaces receive at least 25 foot candles of natural daylight, and 97% have direct line of site to an exterior window.

Tobacco Smoke Control

High performance gasket and sealant enclosure of individual suites, confirmed by “blower door testing” of individual suite air-tightness, prevent the spread of tobacco smoke, and also improves energy efficiency, sound proofing, and control of odour and vermin.

Building Envelope

The high performance building envelope is designed for durability and ease of maintenance. A high standard of insulation, and walls, doors, and windows are designed to minimize air leakage and thermal bridging.

Building Site

The building is located with walkable access to bus and train transit facilities as well as shopping and community resources. Parking facilities are underground and minimize exterior paved areas. Bicycle parking and shower facilities, as well as Electric Vehicle charging stations are provided.


Construction materials contain more than 13% recycled content. Over 75% of construction waste materials were either reused or recycled and thus diverted from landfill.